(G) I-DLE – [I feel] 6th Mini Album QUEEN Ver. Special Bundle with Photocards, Stickers, Badges and More

Prix: 22,99 €

Oh là là! 🙌 This little treasure came knocking on my door the other day (Thank you, speedy delivery!) and trust me, I was in seventh heaven after unboxing it. Pascal, my cat, looked a bit scared with my over-enthusiasm, though. 😂

I mean, just imagine this – your favourite (G)I-DLE mini album [I feel] on a QR Card! Suddenly feels like we’ve taken a giant leap into the future, right? It’s like those sci-fi movies, only this time we’re the lead characters 🛸👽. I was so captivated, I might have impersonated a few of the hit singles there, with Pascal as my unimpressed, captive audience. 🎶🎤🐱

Now, this might not be your grandpapa’s regular album. It’s smaller, and sure, it may have fewer components, but that’s where the charm lies! It’s like a tiny pop culture TARDIS, digitally packed with more than what meets the eyes! 👀💫

One thing you gotta know, this is straight outta Korea 🇰🇷 Yes! You heard it. Legit K-pop merch, folks. It’s released on 16th May 2023, and who wouldn’t wanna a piece of this mobile content marvel?

Now, this item comes with the QUEEN Ver. Poca Album, which is pretty rad. I made quite a fuss when I saw the photo stand package with a sleeve—it made me feel like a bona fide music godmother, no less 🤷‍♀️👑. Also, the QR Card, where you can listen to heart-thumping music through the POCA ALBUM app, came as no surprise at this point.

But the clincher was definitely the photo cards, stickers, and digital contents, providing a whole new dimension to the usual album experience. Just imagine yourself revealing your favorite idols in those random photo cards like it’s a game of fortune! Plus, the user guide is pretty simple and user-friendly, so don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy. 😏📲

Have I mentioned the MOMS HOBBY Store gifts as well? There’re 2 printed badges and 4 extra photocards! Now, that was like a cherry on top of an already scrumptious cake. Quick heads-up, though, the free gift’s image may change without notice, just to keep that element of surprise alive 😉.

In sum, if you think you’re ready for a K-pop adventure punched with futuristic vibes, this little package is just the ticket! Buckle up, ’cause you’re in for an amazing joyride! 🚀💫🌟

Just between you and me, Pascal is secretly in love with the album now. Talk about cat-demption. 😂🐱🎶

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